Lisa Schreiber brings an approachable style to understanding your vision, a collaborative experience when defining the specific goals necessary to obtain that vision and the motivation and communication to gaining actionable results.

Speaking Topics:

  • How do you judge success?  When your opportunities seem to be obscured or out of reach, how do you use your strengths and past success to fuel your current vision?
  • Understanding your vision.  Whether its personal change or a career goal, how do you bring clarity, devise a plan, execute and obtain the results you are looking for? Foundation, opportunity, strategy and drive are the things we have to explore before our vision can be realized.
  • Transformational Leadership. Interactive dialogue on what motivates you to take on a leadership role.
  • Team Leadership. People will surprise you if you give them an opportunity.  How do you develop your team in a co-leadership environment?  By opening up ideas to others, collective strategy and leadership forms at all levels.

Excerpt from How Do You Judge Success?

As our world, it seems, has changed overnight, how do we cope with the feelings of confusion, lack of motivation and the question of “are we still a success”?

What’s changed? Besides everything; certainly our paychecks, which is how many of us view our success rate, but it’s much more than that.  We are struggling with our identity.  Many of us have been displaced from our companies.  We’ve had to reinvent ourselves in a model that may not be what we want or may be one that we have no experience with.  When we find ourselves in a place that is unfamiliar we have the tendency to lose ourselves and it takes us a while to recover.

So how do we judge success in this new environment? 

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Stephen Liotta, Regional Manager, SunTrust Mortgage  "Lisa has a unique ability to capture the interest and attention of the audience from the very start. The style in which Lisa delivered her comments was unmatched with any I have ever witnessed. I felt like she was talking to me personally, when she shared examples, through her personal experience and challenges. Her messages are very timely and are the type of things that never go out of style." February, 2008 

Kelly Antifonario, Events Director, Koi Marketing Group “Over the last year I had the pleasure of working with Lisa on ABC's Advisor Seminar Series. She has a natural ability to capture an audience and generate excitement and interest in her presentations. Lisa has also been a great mentor to many, including myself. She has helped me to improve many areas of our Live Events, therefore giving our Advisor Seminars national accreditation for its top quality. I highly recommend Lisa to any company and I look forward to working alongside her again.” September 10, 2007


Source Media Mortgage: Technology Conference
January 27 - 29, 2008
Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate
ChampionsGate, FL