About LSK

Dear Friend and Colleague,

It is with pleasure that I introduce you to my company, LSK Consultants. 

LSK Consultants was created to address the needs of your organization in accomplishing a vision of collaborative and profitable partnerships.   

What LSK provides, is an experienced and respected industry leader, Lisa Schreiber, who can bring her proven record as a change agent to achieve your organizations goals. LSK brings an approachable style to understanding your vision, a collaborative experience when defining the specific goals necessary to obtain that vision and the motivation and communication to gaining actionable results.

LSK is Lisa Schreiber as a consultant who works with your organization to understand and outline your challenges. Through her 21 years of experience she can help you overcome those challenges and get you to the next level.  Lisa can not only collaborate with your management team, but as an industry speaker, can bring integrity and passion to the communication of your goals and accomplishments. 

As we know implementation is the key to our success, take a moment to ask yourself. 

Where is our organization positioned today?  Are our future initiatives taking shape?  Are our people prepared for their current and future challenges? How can we give our organization that extra edge? 

LSK will help you explore the opportunities that these questions pose.  Call Lisa Schreiber at LSK Consultants today to learn more.  

Listening is our business, implementing is your success

Sincerely, Lisa Schreiber

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